Brad Penny Special Recognition Award

Background: The genesis for Intellenet was integrity, ethics, dedication and high moral standards. Intellenet was founded in 1983 by James P. Carino, Jr., to provide a means for individual investigators to have a common bond and a means of providing for the exchanging investigative information and intelligence amongst the members and to provide investigative services to the general public.

Intellenet is an association of highly trained and dedicated professionals who provide individuals (clients) in need of specific investigative services a means of obtaining those services. The dedication and talents of the membership is representative of the professionalism and dedication of our highly training professionals.

The Intellenet Executive Director and founder, in February 2009 established a means of recognizing the professional efforts and dedication of both Intellenet members and other individuals dedicated to the furtherance of the investigative profession. This Special Recognition Award is dedicated to and named for one of Intellenet's most loyal and dedicated charter members. This Special Achievement Award is bestowed upon individual members of Intellenet and any individual professional who has given above and beyond the normal call of the investigative profession; these achievements may be either for professional dedication or humanitarian accomplishments. The award is named for and shall be henceforth known as, The Brad Penny Special Recognition Award, an award to honor the truly most dedicated professional who has given personally and/or professionally beyond the common call.