Lifetime Membership Award Proclamation

The Lifetime Membership Award is an honor bestowed upon an Intellenet member for recognition of outstanding service to the Association. The recipient of the award may be retired from the investigations or security profession or have reached 70 years of age and continuing in the profession.

This award is special and unique and is reserved for persons nominated by a member or members of the Association. The nominator will submit a report of the activities being so honored, to the Executive Director who will forward the nomination to the Board of Directors of the Association with any appropriate comments and recommendations. The Board will vote (at the next board meeting or via the internet) upon the nomination. The deliberations and results will be announced to the Association at the annual seminar, posted in the minutes and on the Association website.

There are no restrictions as to who, among our members, may be nominated but the significance of the honor is such that the service being recognized must be a substantial contribution to the welfare of the association, a member or members of Intellenet.